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    In 2014, over 20,000 cycling enthusiasts took part in one or more legs of the Proximus Cycling Challenge. They were able to enjoy the well sign-posted circuit to the full, along with affordable prices, excellent food stops and a unique experience. Everyone rode their own classic in the spring, and in between the racing seasons, they were able to enjoy a number of new organisations, while in the autumn, we got to explore the far reaches of our country with the Great War in the region of Ypres and the Bütgenbach Classic.

    In future, every participant will have his or her own profile on our website, including a timeline with personal photos and videos. In this way we are developing our cycling community further and endeavouring to carry the evolution in modern professional cycling over to every cycling tourist.

    The importance of good cycling posture

    Many euros are often spent on the “perfect” bicycle, but not a lot of thought is given to the “perfect” posture on that bicycle. The proper set-up of the bicycle is important for recreational cyclists and professional athletes alike. The correct saddle height, the correct positioning of the pedals, the correct positioning of the handlebars, etc. All of these elements are important for the proper set-up of the bicycle.

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